Disclore Requests

Last updated: Apr 6th, 2020

Thanga is a cloud communications platform. We work to enable our customers to build communications features and capabilities into their mobile software applications, web, and desktop.

The security and privacy of our customers are extremely important to us. Disclosure of certain information can be made only where certain requirements are met. Therefore, we inform you of we deal with disclosure requests.

Submitting Disclosure Requests - General

Thanga will only respond to disclosure requests to the extent it is legally obliged to do so. The disclosure request shall (i) be sent from a government or law enforcement agency, (ii) be issued where Thanga is subject to the jurisdiction thereof, (iii) have an enforceable subpoena, search warrant, court order or similar official instrument compelling us to disclose the information requested, and (iv) state the categories of records sought and the specific time period.

Our policies and contractual terms compel us to notify our customers of disclosure requests unless this is explicitly forbidden by law. Therefore, if authorities do not want us to notify our customers, they shall make explicit reference to the legal grounds that would prevent us from doing so.

Internation Disclosure Requests

Thanga discloses customer information solely in accordance with its terms of service, privacy policy, and applicable laws. A Mutual Legal Assitance Treaty request or a letter rogatory may be required to compel Thanga to disclose it’s customers’ information.

Emergency Disclosure Requests

We may disclose information in the case of an emergency involving danger of death or serious physical injury that we can help to prevent. Thanga will evaluate emergency disclosure requests on a case-by-case basis in compliance with the applicable laws.

An emergency disclosure request shall be made by sending an email to [email protected]. Include “EMERGENCY DISCLOSURE ” in the subject line of your email. Briefly describe the nature of the emergency and why such information is being requested from Thanga.

The emergency disclosure requests must:

  • be in writing (submitted via a registered email domain);
  • be sent by an official government representative or law enforcement agency;
  • be issued based on a legitimate belief that there is a danger of death or serious physical injury to a person that Thanga may have relevant information on;
  • include the nature of the emergency;
  • explain how the information sought will help avert the threatened death or serious physical injury and why normal disclosure processes would be insufficient;
  • contain the name and contact information of the individual law enforcement or authorized government agent serving the disclosure request;
  • state with particularity the categories of records or information sought;
  • provide sufficient information regarding the customer account, such as a phone number or account identifier, in order for Thanga to identify the customer account at issue; and
  • indicate the specific time period for which customer information is requested.

Response Time

Thanga usually responds to valid disclosure requests within 10 business days. However, response time may take longer depending on the complexity and scope of the disclosure request.

If you require an expedited response, the required response deadline should be stated clearly in both the submission documentation and the formal disclosure request itself.

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