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Conversational engagement for every brand.

Your entire network is already online, 1.2 billion people use WhatsApp everyday.

WhatsApp gives you as a business the confidence that your message will not only be received by your subscribers, but that they will be able to engage with the messages sent. As the world’s largest messaging service provider, WhatsApp gives you access to a global audience.

Enterprise Security

Thanga holds security, data integrity and privacy in the highest regard. Read our Security Guide for more.

Powerful tools

Get access to tools such as Broadcaster, Creator, Inbox and a host of analytics features, all available on your dashboard.

The Thanga Process

How do I go from idea to channel?


Build your channel with Creator to your requirements without a single line of code.


Publish your channel to the public with your dedicated WhatsApp Business API account.


Talk to your subscribers via your channel's Inbox and Broadcaster. Derive meaningful insights.